Ruby to McKenna (madisonpeterson08) from Instagram!

Mckenna, thank you for your question! You asked, "Why is lavender your favorite plant? Do the other fairies have favorites, too?"

Lavender is my favorite plant because you can use it to do so many things! You can pick it, you can smell it, you can put it by your pillow to help you sleep well, you can put it in a bath to help you relax, and you can even cook with it! That's my favorite thing about Lavender. I love to cook, and I especially love to cook with Lavender. I make Lavender Ice Cream and it is scrumptious!

Almost all of my fairy friends have favorite plants, too. Except Royal. He likes too many plants to have only one of them be his favorites. They're all his favorites! Willow loves dandelions and Honey loves raspberry bushes. Rosie loves roses (of course), Nora loves Maple trees, and Piper loves Petunias (because the bees love Petunias).

Thank you for your question, McKenna! Keep believing in magic!

Your friend,


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