Royal, loyal and kindhearted, is the caretaker of his animal and fairy friends. He makes magical medicine using the ingredients he finds in nature. Learn how to mix medicine with Royal’s fairy secrets and use his gifts to practice the magic of love and creativity.


Package includes:

  • Our Meet the Fairies introduction letter.
  • A friendly letter from Royal, teaching about the magic of love and the art of medicine-making, fairy style.   
  • Magical medicine-making ingredients, foraged from fairy island, including:
    • Dandelion Seeds
    • Flecks of Gold
    • Nuts & Sunflower Seeds
    • Dried Lavender
    • Magical Beeswax
  • A wooden plate & crushing rock, to mix ingredients.
  • A Dropper, for adding moisture.
  • A medicine tube for the finished product.
  • A bottle of fairy dust, for making important wishes.

Medicine Maker!

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