Birthdays are for surprises! And there's no better surprise than finding out fairies exist, magic is real, and that you've had magic inside you this whole time! Learn about the fairy world and why birthdays are so magical with this package of special gifts from Rosie, the cheerful fairy who loves to plan parties.


Package includes:

  • Our Meet the Fairies introduction letter.
  • A letter from Rosie, explaining the magic of wishes, and the importance of imagination & believing in good things to come.
  • A magic wishing candle made from wishing wax, stardust, and dandelion seed powder. 
  • A bottle of stardust, to help create beautiful dreams.
  • A cloth pouch full of colorful confetti.
  • A wooden top.
  • A lollipop made from magical honey created by the bees that live on fairy island.
  • A bottle of fairy dust, for making important wishes.

Birthday Wishes!